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Achieve Your Dreams of Earning a Degree

The American Women’s College of Bay Path University empowers women to have a better career, a richer life and a brighter future.

We understand the many reasons that can interrupt a woman’s pursuit of higher education. In response, we created more than 35 online, career-focused degree and certificate programs on an accelerated schedule so you can earn your degree quickly without putting current commitments on hold. They’re delivered through an award-winning system called SOUL, which has proven to help you succeed.

You Will:

  • Learn from industry leaders
  • Discuss your ideas and learning observations in courses that are kept purposefully small
  • Network with other women leaders in the industry you’re studying
  • Experience a specialized leadership program* for women, called WELL – We Empower Learners and Leaders – found only at Bay Path

You’ll complete your program with the confidence to advance your career, and the education and control you need to manage your future.

We understand what it took for you to take this step forward, and we’ll empower you every step of the way to keep going.

Our WELL program builds skills in collaboration, creativity, and empathy — key traits of leaders who excel — and gives you real-world experience leading a project. You’ll become a leader others naturally trust and want to follow.

Find the Right Program for You

We realize you have many commitments that simply can’t be changed, so our career-focused, undergraduate degree and certificate programs give you the flexibility to learn when and where it’s best for you to do so.

You can’t make the wrong decision at The American Women’s College. Whether you step into a certificate, associate, or bachelor’s program, you’re taking a step toward building the stronger, more secure future you dream of.

Earning your associate degree can mark a milestone in your goals, advance your career, and help you earn more while creating a stronger career path and future for yourself. You may transfer up to 30 credits to an associate degree program to shorten the amount of time and tuition spent earning it.


Gain a fundamental understanding of key business areas, including law, marketing, management, leadership, accounting, and human resources so that you can step into a new role with confidence. You’ll gain valuable hands-on experience as you study the key areas of business and complete advanced leadership training that enables you to thrive throughout your career. 

  • AS in Business Administration


Step into the business of early childhood development when you learn child development stages, teaching methods/pedagogy, special education, classroom management and behavior, and childcare administration. You’ll gain a strong understanding of the diverse needs of young children, plus the knowledge to nurture early development effectively while making a positive impact.

  • AS in Early Childhood Leadership

Liberal Studies

Prepare for a professional career with critical skills in understanding social, cultural, environmental and political issues, and areas that define both local and global communities. You will be better able to question problems and present solutions with an ability to integrate complex concepts.

  • AA in Liberal Studies

Achieve your goal of earning your bachelor’s degree and open the door to numerous career titles with outstanding growth rates and salaries. You may transfer up to 90 credits to a bachelor’s degree program to shorten the amount of time and tuition spent earning it.

Business & Communication

Develop a stakeholder’s understanding of all the key business areas, including law, marketing, management, leadership, accounting, and human resources, then dive deeper into your area or industry of interest so you can gain advanced knowledge and experience for the career path you most desire. With 5 career-focused majors, you’ll gain a comprehensive skillset specific to the industry you’re studying.

  • BA in Leadership and Organizational Studies
  • BS in Business: Accounting
  • BS in Business: Business Administration
  • BS in Business: Human Resource Management
  • BS in Business: Marketing and Digital Strategies
  • BS in Business: Operations Management
  • BA in Communication


You don’t need a background or experience in computers or programming to excel in our cybersecurity programs. We’ll teach you from the ground up how to be successful in this powerful industry.

You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity through topics that include governance, digital rights, information assurance, programming languages, applied computing, computer networks, and network security, then build more advanced knowledge with the major in your area of interest.

  • BS in Cybersecurity: Digital Forensics and Incident Response
  • BS in Cybersecurity: Information Assurance
  • BS in Cybersecurity: Risk Management


Get the specific skills you need for the role you want in education while you gain valuable liberal arts skills, such as the ability to question problems critically, present solutions that address the core of a problem, and integrate complex concepts.

  • BA in Liberal Studies: Early Childhood Leadership
  • BA in Liberal Studies: Education Studies, Non-Licensure
  • BA in Liberal Studies: Early Childhood Education Licensure (in MA)
  • BA in Liberal Studies: Elementary Education Licensure (in MA)

Note: Licensure programs prepare you for Massachusetts licensure. If you live or plan to teach in another state, please be aware that the state may have different requirements for licensure.


Choose your path into health — whether that’s as a clinical nurse or business administrator, these degrees build fundamental and advanced knowledge and experience so you can step into your healthcare role of choice with confidence. Our CCNE- Accredited Nursing program is designed for registered nurses who want to advance into leadership roles while the BS in Health Service Administration: Health Sciences program focuses on equipping you with skills in top-quality patient care and effective leadership.

  • BS in Health Service Administration: Health Sciences
  • RN to BS in Nursing (BSN)*
  • *Admission to the program requires a registered nurse education and an associate degree in nursing from an ACEN or NLNAC-accredited program.


Build a fundamental understanding of psychology with topics that include psychopathology, behavioral research methods and research methods in the social sciences, and theories of personality, clinical psychology, social psychology, and interviewing and counseling. You can then choose to build upon the advanced concepts of your choice, or complete the program with one of the five majors in the program.

  • BA in Psychology
  • BA in Psychology: Child Psychology
  • BA in Psychology: Counseling Foundations
  • BA in Psychology: Forensic Psychology
  • BA in Psychology: Foundations of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counseling
  • BA in Psychology: Human Services & Rehabilitation

Justice Studies

Gain an understanding of the justice system with topics that include corrections, victimology and criminology, probation and parole, the justice system for juveniles, professional perspectives, conflict resolution, advocacy and leadership, the conviction of the innocent, and a capstone course. Then, choose from two career-focused majors to build advanced knowledge in your specific area of interest.

  • BA in Justice Studies: Rehabilitation, Advocacy, & Justice
  • BA in Justice Studies: Public Safety & Justice

Liberal Studies

Prepare for a professional career with critical skills in understanding social, cultural, environmental and political issues, areas that define both local and global communities, and an ability to be able to question problems and present solutions while integrating complex concepts. You can then choose to build upon the advanced concepts of your choice, or complete the program with one of the majors in the program.

  • BA in Liberal Studies
  • BA in Liberal Studies: Digital Information Design & Society
  • BA in Liberal Studies: Health Foundations

Certificate programs boost your career skills in a focused area through a series of courses that can take less than a year to complete. These programs can be taken on their own to upskill your professional abilities and help you get ahead, or in addition to a degree program to provide a deep focus in a particular area.


Earn a business certificate to demonstrate that you have the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to excel in a specific industry or area of business.

  • Certificate in Leadership and Organizational Studies


Earn a cybersecurity certificate to understand the basics of cyber forensics, then build your knowledge to learn how to manage cyber investigations and mobile technology analysis.

  • Certificate in Digital Forensics

Health and Wellness

Our health and wellness certificates build the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to upskill your abilities in your profession or to provide a robust concentration to your degree program for a specific role.

  • Certificate in Food Science and Safety
  • Certificate in Health and Wellness


Learn how you can advance the independence, integration, and full participation of individuals with rehabilitation needs in the workforce and the community. This program incorporates the 12 national standards set by the Human Services Research Institute, the highest standards in the field.

  • Certificate in Human Services and Rehabilitation


Explore the field of life sciences with a variety of electives that you choose.

  • Certificate in Life Sciences

Create a Better Future For Yourself and Your Family

The fact remains that every step toward earning your degree gives you more control of your future and finances.

Median Lifetime Earnings by Education Level3

  • H.S. Diploma: $1.6 million
  • Some College: $1.9 million
  • Associate: $2 million
  • Bachelor’s: $2.8 million

What will you be earning at this time next year?

Our online programs honor how far you’ve come and empower you to keep going.

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Learn Online, Not Alone

At the heart of every learning experience, you’ll find SOUL, our award-winning learning model that we created for your success. SOUL pairs you with an Academic Advisor & Success Coach, a real person, to help prepare for your program. If you start to struggle, SOUL’s analytics and predictive models alert them so they can reach out to help you before you fall behind.


Courses are six weeks long and career-focused — complete your program with the experience companies need now. Powered by SOUL, your lessons are customized based on what you know, and your learning style can dictate the best style of content for you to fully comprehend a lesson, such as text, videos, audio clips, and interactive exercises.


Career services start on day one of your enrollment and continue until you decide to retire. Earning your degree opens the door to more career opportunities and increases your yearly median wage.

Stats for Degree Holders

  1. $41,950: Median Wage for all Occupations2
  2. $55,870: Median Wage with an Associate Degree2
  3. $78,020: Median Wage with a Bachelor’s Degree2
  4. 62% of employers surveyed demand a degree for entry-level roles3
  5. 40% of employers believe degree holders are more equipped for roles3

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*within degree programs only

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